Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maine Avenue Seafood Market

so although you have only really seen me engulf masses of vegetarian delights through this blog, i am in fact a…PESCATARIAN! shocker, i know. i could never give up seafood, it is really in my heart. i come from a family who believes in seafood of all sorts, so i knew that i could give up everything else but seafood…never. and i am so happy that i didn’t.

this brings me to last weekend’s BOOF adventure to the MAINE AVENUE SEAFOOD MARKET. i have been to the seafood market a couple of times before but buddies of BOOF, cc, tr, kh, and cc(yes, there are two) decided that we adventure down to this DC staple on a saturday afternoon for lunch.

the market is located on the SW waterfront off of Maine Avenue sitting across from Haines Point. It is a picture perfect spot on the water to watch some yachts go by (or convince someone to let you go on theirs!).

the girls and i opted to order the crab cake lunch from “The Wharf” and the crab cakes were very tasty. the lunch time special was served with two sides and a fountain drink so I opted for the macaroni and cheese and the green beans. the mac and cheese was quite good but the green beans tasted as though they were canned aka not good at all. a few of the girls had the corn on the cob and they all remarked on how good it was. I personally think that was in large part because they cooked it in the husk (try ittttt) which traps the flavors in and gives it a delicious bite.

all in all, i love the seafood market and i am sure that unless you don’t like seafood (which is so unfortunate), you will love it too. you can find me frequenting this summer. :-)

there are also restaurants on the SW waterfront but i definitely recommend to bypass the restaurants and just go to the market.

Overall Grade: A-

the biggest minus i have for the seafood market is its lack of seating. there is some standing tables but really, with that seafood, you just want to kickback, enjoy the day and watch the boats ride by. I do think they are building more seating…so we’ll see.

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