Friday, May 21, 2010

Elephant Castle and Pub

nothing special.
for good buddy of BOOF, rp’s birthday, a large group of us set out to surprise him at elephant and castle for the occasion. he was suprised but unfortunately, the surprise itself was a little less than stellar. nevertheless, it was a great evening with a bunch of buddies that i see too little of.
elephant and castle is a well known chain restaurant and offers a classic restaurant/pub feel and vibe to it. it is not really a place to go to eat a good meal but rather it’s a place you go to either drink or just enjoy the company of friends over a burger.

needless to say, the only type of burger i eat is veggie or salmon, so i usually get nervous about going to places like e&p because i can make my own salad for dinner. they did offer a veggie burger and i opted for that but there was nothing special about it. It taste like every other frozen/unthawed/grilled veggie burger; however, the fries were good.
i don’t think anyone had a particularly outstanding meal (mostly the opposite) but buddy of BOOF, hh, had the crab cakes and she said that those were quite tasty.her little mountains of mashed potatoes also looked delectable.

nevertheless, e&p is a great place to accommodate a large group of friends (so you can be loud and not worry about it), but you may want to eat dinner before or after going there because it really should exclusively be a pub with just pub food. during the week, i hear that they also have a good happy hour, and that seems like more of the ideal setting to head there.

Overall Rating: C-
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