Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Stuff Eatery

"This is the Good Stuff".

That's the motto. Maybe not the great stuff but the stuff is definitely good. Having been to Good Stuff a few times, I finally made the adventure post-gym one evening (at least i know that I burned it in my workout) for a takeout dinner.

Good Stuff Eatery is the lovechild of Top Chef Alum, Spike Mendehlson located in Capitol Hill. It is known for its burgers, fries and shakes and had a large part in putting quality burger joints on the DC map. It is now located adjacent to Spike's second restaurant, "We, the Pizza". You definitely feel like you're in a "burger joint" when you walk into Good Stuff, but you also feel like you're in a "DC Burger Joint", if that makes any sense. I hope it does. They have upstairs seating and some on the ground floor, although, the majority of people who sit on the first floor are waiting for their take-out order. It also boasts a front outdoor patio which now is joined to the front outdoor patio of We the Pizza. Definitely a nice vibe on a warm evening.

For my burger, I obviously ordered the VEGETARIANS ARE PEOPLE TOO ‘SHROOM BURGER which is an Organic Portobello Tops Stuffed With Muenster & Cheddar, Flash Fried With Panko Crumbs, Ruby Tomato, Onions, Lettuce & Pickle With Good Stuff Sauce. The one thing that I will mention is that it is very refreshing to see something other than your run of the mill veggie burger on a menu for a restaurant. I really appreciate that Good Stuff "pushes the envelope" and does something other than your average black bean or some other frozen veggie burger variety. Nevertheless, i was a little dissapointed with the burger. It was a little to soggy and I personally love portobello burgers simply marinated and grilled, and I don't think the bread crumbs and flash fry is necessary. It became too much about the breadding rather then letting the delicious portobello stand on its own. Maybe if it the fry was a little crispier, I would have enjoyed it more but I just think you don't even need the breadding. I do appreciate that he was trying to do something different though.

I also ordered a snack size of Spike's Village Fries which are topped With Fresh Thyme, Rosemary & Sea Salt. I enjoyed the fries but I almost would have rather the fries been seasoned prior to going into the fryer. However, they did have a good flavor balance and I enjoyed them.

Now onto the number one reason to go to Good Stuff. the MILKSHAKE. The milkshakes that come out of Good Stuff are absolutely delicious. I really really love milkshakes but not only does Good Stuff do the traditional flavors well but they also push the envelope with flavors like Toasted Marshmallow. I will definitely go out on a limb and say that Good Stuff definitely puts out the best Milshakes in town. On this trip, I ordered the Cookies and Creme and it was divine. Wow, I wan't that milkshake right now.

Overall, a trip to Good Stuff is always tasty. From my non-vegetarian friends, I hear that the normal burgers are very tasty, so I definitely recommend a trip...even if it's just for the milkshake. ;-)

Grade: B+ (A for the Milkshakes)
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