Friday, July 9, 2010

Rita's Water Ice

perfect summer snack.

what the district has been experiencing this summer is not just heat. yes, within what feels like seconds of walking out of your door in the morning you are met with a wave of hot air. yummy. nothing like a hot wave of air to wake you up in the morning...i'm sure it packs a better punch then folgers. but yes, withiin walking out of your door in the morning and that single drop of prespiration begins to form on your forehead, all you think of is man...i wan't some ice 7:30 in the morning.

although i really can't help you get ice cream or a cold delicious dessert at 7:30 in the morning (try some dunkin donuts iced coffee), I can definitely point you to very good options from noon-10pm.

rita's water ice (italian ice) is a chain water ice shop that has been popping up all over the dc metro area (nova and southern MD included). i had been to the Rita's over by dupont before, but I was so thrilled to hear that eventually a Rita's was coming to the wonderous H street. yes, back to H street we go.

rita's could not have opened at a better time with summer in FULL swing and H street in desperate need of a ice cream/water ice spot with semi regular hours (there is philadelphia water ice but it is more of a really tasty late night joint). rita's is definitely the best post-dinner spot for a quick and tasty dessert to cool off during the very warm evenings. it can definitely be between dinner and a night out in H street or just a nice night cap to your evening.

best buddy of BOOF, Mo and I have made ourselves rita's regulars. the first week that rita's was open they were giving away free water ice which is just unbelievable. now, they are back to regular business but despite being open for only a few weeks, they definitely have gotten their feet under them. tons of people can come through rita's at a time but they keep the flow moving quickly and although my biggest complaint that there is not really enough seating (both inside and outside), the quick pace works for the type of establishment they are. furthermore, the rita's workers are extremely nice and essentially will give you unlimited taste tests especially when it is not that busy.

Mo (please don't hate me for posting this picture) loves the custard and although I am not too much of a custard person it is definitely growing on me. the water ice is always delicious and there are always such good and fresh flavors that you can never get bored. the best flavor i have tasted from rita's is the passionfruit but i also had the blood orange the other day which was also really good. Mo tells me that the wild blackcherry is also really good and I took a glimpse of the mango and it just looked scrumptious but I had resist.

i've kinda have fallen in love with the blendini which is custard, water ice and either pretzels, oreos, m&ms, cookies, or nilla wafers mixed in. it is so good. it is like a pseudo healthier version of DQ Blizzard...especially if you get the fat free custard (which I do and you can't even tell the difference).

another great thing is that Rita's will pack whatever flavor you like that day in a Quart Container for a measly $5 or $6 dollars, if I am not mistaken. ooh and the other day we went and they had raspberry lemonade advertised and because it was such a big hit, it was unfortunately sold out. i am now determined to get back there when it is available. nommmmm.

overall, there is something for everyone at rita's. in a district where cupcakes rock the block and fro yo is usually the summer treat of choice, rita's is definitely a different but delectable option.

Grade: B+

The H street location really needs to get some sort of outside seating. that could potentially bump them into A status. for sure.

Also: Rita's is diabetic/health friendly with Sugar Free flavors and a slew of "Slendini" options! go RITA's GO!

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